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It is a site that the administrator of former consumer finance branch manager introduces easy to understand from basic knowledge of caching to careful selection comparison!
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Welcome to the caching encyclopedia

Caching comparison site Thank you refer to the “caching encyclopedia”. This website is an easy-to-understand explanation site for those who are using the former consumer finance branch manager who has 10 years of financial experience for those who first use from basic knowledge of caching to careful selection comparison. In addition, we are also delivering back information as former industry personnel, administrator’s own experiences experiences etc.
We are hoping to provide more useful information soon, so please do use it for choosing cashing not to lose ! ⇒ Manager’s career is here

What’s New

Staff · Station Finance Co., Ltd.

Real annual rate 23.360% ~ 27.740%
Borrowing limit 2 million yen
Review speed Minimum about 10 seconds
Partnering ATM About 20,000 units nationwide

Frequently Asked Questions for Caching

Will not you borrow money?
Is there an institution that can consult when repayment becomes difficult?
Can I work part-time and part-time?
I am using it by another company, but is it okay?

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Attention to dark money

Dark money is a moneylender who has not genuinely registered and is a trader who encourages deposits with the nominal terms of saying “commission” or “guarantee deposit” or making loans with an outright interest rate.
Recently a lot of reports have been submitted such as sending a false direct mail etc, who gave a name of a major lender, such as a clever technique. Entered the direct mail of the leading financial companies of the company name and logo is to care Let’s!

Special Cashing Comparison

↓ Official website is here ↓
ACOM Managers recommendation level ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Real annual rate Borrowing limit Review speed Click here for details
15.000% to 27.375% Half a million The shortest 30 minutes
Accom ‘s “immediate prey” is a consumer finance and quickly and easily transfers it to his bank account via internet application. ♪ Lara’s unmanned CM’s are nostalgic, but it’s always popular with topical CMs. By the way I have an impression on my acom, I do not get much problems from the past, nor beaten by weekly magazines , I think that it is the most orthodox and serious company among the four major consumer finance companies . So if you encourage friends in consumer finance it is best to encourage the most awesome ACOM.
↓ Official website is here ↓
Promise Managers recommendation level ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Real annual rate Borrowing limit Review speed Click here for details
17.800% to 27.550% Half a million Automatic 1 second
Promise is the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Group so it can be used with confidence. Speed ​​color auto review 1 second response speed. It is said that Sun Life, Quark Loan, etc. are group companies as a result of acquiring medium-sized consumer finance. Where I think of Promise is Sun Life when it is not enough to borrow with the promise. If Sun Life also runs short, you can borrow it with a quark loan. Of course, even if you say a group, it is totally different company, so it is an independent review. Moreover, even if borrowed from these three companies, convenience is good because it can be repaid with the same ATM.
↓ Official website is here ↓
Heartwarming Lake Managers recommendation level ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Real annual rate Borrowing limit Review speed Click here for details
18.000% to 29.200% Half a million Automatic 10 seconds
Foreign capital Lake acquired several years ago from GE Consumer Finance. It is one of four major consumer finance companies and its size is large and its history is old. Regarding service, service that advanced by speed review of automatic 10-second judgment, repayment with convenience store’s family mart and teach repayment date in advance by e-mail is popular.
↓ Official website is here ↓
Takefuji Managers recommendation level ★★★★★
Real annual rate Borrowing limit Review speed Click here for details
27.375% Half a million The shortest 30 minutes
Takefuji, who used to be the industry’s biggest player in the past, deteriorated in business due to the wiretap incident. Although it was boasting the top of consumer finance loan outstanding, it is said that it fell to second place. But I’m talking a lot about me who borrow money. Takefuji’s YEN card has a Mastercard so you can use it as a credit card when shopping. Personally it is better to restore the history of Takefuji Dancers’s CM earlier than the current CM.
↓ Official website is here ↓
SBI equals credit Managers recommendation level ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Real annual rate Borrowing limit Review speed Click here for details
8.000% to 29.200% 3000000 Automatic 60 seconds
The SBI Group’s net consumer finance, SBI Equal Credit, seems likely to have low interest rates and a relatively large credit facility. The administrator also said that if the application was reviewed under the condition that the credit facility was 1 million and the interest rate was 22%. This is because the initial credit facility from the Internet has been set at a maximum of 1 million yen, so it was when the review was OK at the maximum amount. But if you go through the examination in 3 million, the low interest rate is 8% and so the administrator will try to make the achievement so that someday it will be 8%.
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